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Our Four Core Values

Environmentally Friendly / Non-Toxic / Consumer Health / Children's Environmental Health.

How many of us have flat or touch screen devices in our lives and you know how hard it is to keep them clean and streak free?

Vincent Rugani is a Professional House Cleaner by Trade.

He has been cleaning houses for over 14 years.

He messed up one of his customers TVs when using a name brand cleaner Streaks All Over.

He Came Up With the Solution Flat Screen Clean™

He personally tested Flat Screen Clean™ on over 15,000 thousand units to date.

He calls it Real Time - Real Dirt - Real Results!!!


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Flat Screen Clean™ is your one-stop-shop all-in-one flat and touch screen cleaning product that is both alcohol/ammonia free.

You no longer have to have multiple cleaners for your devices just one and it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

We made our product as simple as 1-2-3 and provide the customer with the tools needed to ensure satisfaction.

“Flat Screen Clean™ is a non-toxic cleaner that has consumer health in mind.”

It will clean to the Extreme from chicken wings to hand creams and everything in-between and even Permanent Marker.

Flat Screen Clean™ Diy Network "I Want That" Season 3 Episode 311

Flat Screen Clean™ Extreme Demonstration INPEX 2015  

What does Flat Screen Clean™ Remove?

Fingerprints  dust dirt  lipstick  smoke film  Crayon  pencil  permanent marker

Food soils  Grease  Oils  Ink  Creams  Body lotions  Food dust

Food oils  Other cleaners residues left behind

Did you know that in the United States, a product can only be labeled as a disinfectant or antimicrobial agent after it has been registered as a pesticide with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

This is why you will never see essential oils or other natural products with antiseptic properties advertised as antimicrobial.

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